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One year went by since the inauguration the temple, but it seems just like the
other day. I remember that last year at this time I was in such anxiety because
things were not ready for the inauguration of the temple. The last few days
were very hectic. Even the night before the inauguration, the whole temple
room looked like a battlefield with scaffolding everywhere, the floor strewn
with all kinds of debris, the ceiling not done, and the twenty-seven foot
diameter painting yet to be put up. But everyone worked hard. All the people
taking care of different areas, they actually had to work whole night. By Krsna’s
mercy, in the morning, everything was complete.But one big job was to clean the temple room. Actually the temple was a
construction site. So after mangala-arti, I made an announcement that those
who wanted to clean the temple, they could come. About 2500 devotees were
there for inauguration. Practically all who were there for the mangala –arti
responded to the announcement and we all marched into the temple to start
cleaning. From 5:30 to 7:00, within one and a half hour, everything was
cleaned and the temple was ready for inauguration.
It was a wonderful experience. Not only a wonderful experience, it was an
extremely memorable experience, at least for me and those who were present
at that time.
Sometimes I wonder how I managed to build this temple in ten months time.
The only thought that comes to my mind is that it happened by Krsna’s mercy.
This actually proves that if we sincerely try to serve Krsna, Krsna helps us and
as a result of that all kinds of wonderful things happen.
This year, it is a lot more relaxed. Now the temple is built and everything is
going on nicely. People who come here admit with great admiration that the
temple atmosphere is beautiful, the deity worship standard is high, the srngara
is beautiful and on top of everything, the deities are exquisitely beautiful.
Jananivas prabhu my God brother has been the head pujari in Mayapur for last
thirty-five years, came for the temple opening. He was telling me that the
Radharani here was most beautiful than Radharani in Mayapur or Vrndavan.
When Jananivas prabhu say something like that you can be sure that he is
speaking the truth because he does not say things just to flatter somebody,
especially when it comes to talking about Radharani. He really means it.
Recently I heard that during his Vyas puja celebration in Bombay, His Holiness
Radhanatha Maharaj mentioned that the Ujjain project will become the most
important project of ISKCON. He said that it is only a matter of time and Ujjain
will become the most important and vibrant project of ISKCON. So I can see
that the devotees are feeling so positive, optimistic, and hopeful about this
project. This naturally inspires me to really do something wonderful here.
Somehow Krsna bought me here. This is an important place. It is Krsna’s and
Balarama’s place of education. Our mission is also to educate people.



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